TLA Technology - Webinar

Complete and unbiased genetic characterization for the QC of transgenic animal models

Thursday 15 April 2021 - 5 PM CET / 10 AM ET

Join our webinar to learn more about our rapid, reliable, and cost-effective TLA method for the in-depth characterization of your genetically engineered animal models.

Trusted by the likes of Genentech and The Jackson Laboratory, our TLA technology does not require detailed prior locus information for the complete targeted sequencing of gene or transgene of interest. Additionally, TLA will generate deep nucleotide coverage for the robust detection of genetic variations (including structural variations in and around genes of interest).

During the webinar, we will tap into:

  • The current challenges in genetic research
  • How TLA analysis fares against conventional approaches
  • Latest key publications
  • Recent case studies

The webinar will be concluded with a live Q&A.

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